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About Us

Way back in the early nineties, when laser printers were in their infancy (and there were only a few makes and models), our customers expressed a desire to pay less for toner cartridges. LaserSmart began offering re-built toners, thereby saving our customers substantial amounts of money and saving landfills from substantial amounts of plastic waste.


Over the years, LaserSmart's range of cartridges has expanded. While the compatible (rebuilt) range is very much broader than it used to be and there is now a compatible for almost every model, we still offer all the OEM toner cartridges at prices comparable to the major chains. 


As the choices of printers expanded and we also grew to provide printer repairs, maintenance and sales to our customers.


Whatever your needs, from toner cartridges to printers and repairs, we have the answers you are looking for! Our prices are competitive but it's the way we treat our customers that has kept us serving Nassau and Suffolk counties for the last 20 years! 


  We are just a phone call away...